Founded in 2017, Our Green Future, Inc. was inspired and founded because of one young man, Hudson Lowe.

Hudson Lowe was a college student at Florida Atlantic University, an avid environmentalist, and a maker of change. After his passing in 2017, his family was called to carry on his mission and push forward the efforts he so passionately worked on during his short life. He founded the Ocoee Green Initiative at his high school, founded an IDEAS for Us chapter in college, was an ambassador for Solar City, traveled to Iceland and Vietnam to learn about sustainability in depth and spread his message. He encouraged each person he met to #FallForward and that has now become the mission of Our Green Future, Inc. 


Our Mission

To promote a sustainable world and a greener future, for each and every person. With a focus on sustainable solutions, climate action, and education of today's youth, Our Green Future, Inc. is working towards a world of compassion and consciousness. 


If you are going to get something you’ve never had, you’ve got to be willing to do something you’ve never done...Fall forward.
— Hudson Lowe, 1997-2017

What We've Achieved


Stay tuned for updates on current projects, successes, and partnerships. To work with Our Green Future, Inc. in attaining a greener world, please visit our Contact Us page.